Breeding Season

Starting in late January is when most Bucking stock contractors like to start their breeding season if they are playing the Futurity events, this insures that they all are at the same age and not months apart. I we like our calves to be in the early spring so we do not have to worry about loosing any to the harsh winters that have been of lately. We have also noticed that the calves respond and have a lot more energy and start grazing and eating feed a lot earlier, which in my opinion the grazing before going on feed is helping in growth and health more than having a calf in the winter months. I understand also that winter last a bit longer in the western states that in our area also,with that being said the events could start at later dates and end with later dates and the same money potential still being the same.
We raise our stock not for the big money in the high paying events but because we like raising bucking stock.We like the money do not get me wrong but we also don’t want calves and their mothers stressed out by the cold weather because, they need alot of energy in the cold. Hay make a big difference in feeding winter months and we don’t see calves start on hay as quick as we see the start to graze on pasture that one of the reason we like our early to late spring calves besides being healthier. There is no kind of growth hormones or steroids used on our place what so-ever, it is just not needed and it has been uncovered that some of the big stock contractors of today in the big shows has been caught using them which is illegal to start with (Steroids) I mean. If you can not raise a bucking bull with out cheating at it that shows that you are all about the money and yourself. That being said most of the big stock contractors do not raise their bulls they have big time money backers that make sure that they can just about buy any bull out there. I would like to be able to sit back and say that is actually a bull that I raised and not bought from someone else and shot it up on steroids and cheated my way into the short go.
Some of you may have no clue on anything that I’m talking about in raising rodeo stock or the work that goes into breeding, training or other work that is involved. May this your first time reading about it and have no idea about bull riding just follow along and read previous post and I will start having more informed blogs about the business.